Meaning of Ursula

The name Ursula is a girl’s name derived from the Latin word ursa. A female bear is the meaning of Ursula.

Name Popularity

The name Ursula was never very popular in England. Though the name did gain some popularity after Shakespeare gave the name to a character in the play “Much Ado About Nothing”, then again in the 1960s when actress Ursula Andress was at the height of her career. Since then the popularity of Ursula has dropped drastically. Ursula did not make the most recent list of the 100 most popular girl’s names in England.


People with the name Ursula are generally very easy-going. They tend to be mediators because of their calm demeanor and their desire for harmony. They are also kind and compassionate.

Famous Ursulas – Real and Fictional

The Actress Ursula Andress stared in the James Bond movies
The Actress Ursula Andress starred in the James Bond movies

Saint Ursula – A Christian princess martyred at the hands of the Huns

Ursula Andress – Swedish actress who became famous for playing a Bond girl

Ursula – “The Little Mermaid” – Evil Villainess in the form of an octopus

Ursula Moray William – British Author who wrote many children’s books

Ursula – Character in Shakespeare’s play “Much Ado About Nothing”

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