Meaning of the name Vera

The meaning of Vera comes from Russian origin and means “faith”! The name is also sometimes associated with the Latin word “verus” meaning “truth”! Very strong names for any baby girl to carry through life.

History of the name

Vera has been around as a baby name for quite awhile first appearing in the 19th century when the name started appearing in novels of the time. The popularity of Vera peaked in the late 1800’s and was the 340th most popular girls name in 2017.

Famous ‘Veras’

Many notable women have the name Vera. Famous actor, comedian Mindy Kaling’s first name is actually Vera she’s in pretty good company with fashion designer Vera Lang, actress Vera Farminga and Vera Lynn. Vera Lynn is a beloved English singer who has been “rocking” the name for 100 years. During WWII Vera was known as “the forces Sweatheart”.

The name Vera has appeared everywhere in popular culture. From film: 2004’s Vera Drake, to literature: Vera Dietz 2010.

Another popular English Vera is Vera Duckworth a popular character who was in the Manchester soap opera Coronation street for over 35 years.

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