Meaning and Origin of the Female Name Verity

The name Verity is beautiful and enduring. The meaning of Verity is ‘reality’ or ‘truth.’ It’s extracted from the Latin term for truth, which is ‘veritas.’

The name has been widely known since the seventeenth century. It’s a puritan virtue name that has been a staple for several hundred years at this point. It’s more common in the United Kingdom than in other areas of the planet.

That’s not to say that the name is impossible to find in pop culture, however. World-famous pop singer Madonna played a fencing instructor in the 2002 James Bond Flick ‘Die Another Day.” Her character was called Verity. The name also has enjoyed numerous mentions in the Poldark books written by Winston Graham. If you watch popular soap operas on television in the United Kingdom and in Australia, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered characters with the name as well.

Examples of people Called Verity

The popularity of Verity is unwavering. Although it’s a name that has ample history on its side, it still feels both modern and contemporary. Examples of celebrities with the name are Australian politician Verity Firth, English radio presenter Verity Sharp and English actress Verity Rushworth. Popular nicknames for Verity include Vee, Vitta, Vezza and Vez.

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