Girl’s Name Vicky

Recently the name Vicky was not as popular among baby names in 2014. Although it is a beautiful name, it ranked low for its selection. This might be due to the parents beginning to create their own original name or keeping to the more popular names.

Name Cloud Vicky
Name Cloud for the name Vicky

Meaning of the Name Vicky

The meaning of Vicky comes from a Latin origin. In Latin, the meaning of Vicky is both victory and triumphant. It has several different meanings depending on the region of the world and among different religious groups.

Vicky is often used as short name for Victoria.

Popularity of Vicky

Since 1880 only 49,474 girls have been given the name Vicky. This alone should signify the popularity of Vicky. But again, its use is determined by the parents and any significance of its use. The significance is always going to be determined by the family. Mainly if the family wants to continue the name in each generation. This is done by passing it down to each generation. Mainly by passing it down to the children or grandchildren.

In some instances Vicky is used as a symbol. Either to remind a family of a specific person or a specific event concerning that person.

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