The Name Viola And Its Meaning

Viola and its parent name Violet are both flowers, and the meaning of Viola is literally violet. It is a very good name to give kids because it reminds them of flowers and of musical instruments.

The meaning of Viola is a lot deeper than the flower because the colour is also very rich and beautiful. That gives the parents something that they can latch on to, and it could be the favourite colour of the kid who takes on that name. Even though it is not popular, it is pretty.

Popularity of Viola

The popularity of Viola is not as high as the name Violet and both names were not in the top 100 baby girls’ names in England in 2016. The name Viola conjures up images of the old south where many girls were named Viola. It was even the name of Carol Burnett’s character on the popular show Mama’s Family with Vicki Lawrence.

The name Viola is one that people use when they want to harken back to another time, and the popularity of Viola does not go up because many people just turn to Violet instead of its cousin. This name could be used as a nickname for Violet, and it is something that will make it much easier for people to choose a versatile name.

Famous People Called Viola

  • Viola Davis – an American actress and producer who’s won an Academy Award
  • Viola Liuzzo – was a civil rights activist in America
  • Viola – is the heroine from the William Shakespeare’s play the Twelfth Night

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