Meaning and Origin of the Name Violet

Violet is a girl’s name that has gained a renewed popularity. The meaning of Violet comes from the Latin word Viola meaning purple flower originated in England and Scotland as well as Italy and France. Due to the thousands of immigrant coming to the United States during the turn of the 19th, the name became popular in the United States.

Popularity of the Name

During the 1800’s and early 1900’s naming baby girls after flowers became popular. Names like Daisy and Rose were close to the top of the list, however the name Violet stood out against the others as one of the most popular girl names of the time. Violet invoked thoughts of the delicate purple flowers that shimmered in the fields during springtime. The Violet name has been ranked at 89 as one of the most popular girl names in the UK and climbing.

The popularity of Violet started to dwindle in the 1900’s when parents began to lean towards the more modern names of the time, however as we enter into the twenty first century, the popularity of Violet has re-merged as parents have rediscovered the more traditional, feminine names that go back to their ancestral or family roots. Celebrity Jennifer Garner helped bring the name back into the mainstream by giving her firstborn the name Violet.

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