What is Behind the Name Vivian?

Sometimes we just are compelled to know the meanings of our names. This article will tackle the meanings that dwell behind the name Vivian. What is the meaning of Vivian and who are the most famous people with these names? Well there are several popular people who use the name Vivian and however much it was not ranked among the top hundred female names in 2014 (in England) which was the latest research; it still is a very popular female name.

The name Vivian can also be a masculine name in English speaking countries, however the more common spelling of the female name in the UK is Vivien.

Meaning of the Name

Vivian is thus an English name that means someone who is lively. People with these names are characterized by the desire to use their personal abilities and to have a deep inner desire. They are people who value independence and would rather focus on important issues in life and shun the other useless things.

Famous People with the Name Vivian

Vivian Mary Hartley is the first popular lady named Vivian. She was an actress who was a two times academy award winning female. Vivian Maier as well was a well-known American street photographer who worked for around forty years as a nanny she dwelled mostly in the north shore in Chicago. Vivian Maier was another female icon that increases Vivian’s popularity for fashion design and the introduction of punk and new wave fashions.

Another variation of the name is Vivienne, and another famous British designer Vivienne Westwood

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