Meaning and Origin of Wendy

The name Wendy comes from a literary work and therefore we do not know much about the meaning of Wendy. The name was invented in James Banie’s Peter Pan. James Banie was looking for a name for one of his star characters and he ultimately managed to invent the name Wendy.


The popularity of Wendy is fairly low. Wendy is not the most popular name in the world, in fact the name was not one of the 100 most popular girl’s names in England last year.

Famous People Called Wendy

While the name is not very popular today, many famous people have had this name. For example, Wendy Richard was a famous English Actress that had a long and storied career.

Another famous Wendy is Wendy Hiller, who was known for having a great stage career as well as a great film career. These famous Wendy’s have made a major imprint in the world.
Wendy is a fantastic name that has a rich history throughout the world.

The name is not very popular currently, but it has been used by many famous actresses. While Wendy is a fairly recent name in the English lexicon, it certainly has left its mark on the world.

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