Meaning and Origin of the Name “Winifred”

The name Winifred is certainly a name that you do not hear in this day and age. Winifred is a female name with Welsh origin.

The meaning of Winifred actually means “Peacemaker” and the nickname for Winifred is Winnie.

The name actually has a very pleasant meaning. To have a name that is associated with peace and tranquillity is something to be proud of. The name Winifred is still occasionally used in England. However, it is highly unlikely that in the future a newborn female in the United States will be given the name Winifred.


The name became popular in the 1600‘s in England and was quite popular for a period of time and around the early 1930‘s, mothers started naming newborn female babys’ more modern female names.

It seems the name The popularity of Winifred has been on a steady decline for over 70 years and has been replaced by more common names. It is highly unlikely that Winifred will make a comeback any time within the coming years.

Famous Females Called Winifred

  • Winnie (Winifred) Madikizela Mandela, was the wife of the famous South African President Nelson Mandela.
  • Winifred Holtby, was a famous English journalist and author.
  • Another English author was Winifred Watson

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