The Origin And Meaning Of Yasmin

The name Yasmin stems from Arabic origin. In Persian countries like Iran, the name means “flowering plant” and refers to the Jasmine flower in Arabic culture. It symbolizes femininity, romance, affection, and intuition.

Variations Of Yasmin

A few variations of Yasmin include Yasamin, Yasmine, Yasmeen, Yasmina, and Jasmine. The way the name is spelled varies among culture, by popularity, and depending on personal preference. The sound of each word has a different pleasing effect to different ears.

Popularity Of Yasmin

While the name Yasmin is not popular in England it’s alternative, Jasmine, was the 45th most popular English name in 2012. Jasmine is also a common alternative in the USA.

Famous Examples Of The Name Yasmin

One high-profile example of Yasmin in English culture is that of Yasmin Le Bon, the British model in the 1980s who was born to an Iranian father and English mother.

Other famous people include Yasmine Bleeth, the well-known American actress who became popular for her portrayal as a lifeguard on the TV show Baywatch, and Canadian politician Yasmin Ratansi.

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