Meaning and Origin of the Name Zara

The female name Zara has Hebrew and Arabic origins, and the known meaning of Zara is princess or blooming flower. One of the first documented uses of the name is found within the context of the Bible in the book of Matthew, where Zara, a princess, was a distant relative in Jesus’ lineage. The name can also be traced back to 1697 in William Congreve’s play entitled “The Mourning Bride,” where the name of the African queen was Zara.

Popularity of the Name

Zara was not in the top 100 baby girls’ names in England in 2014.

Famous People with the Name Zara

The name Zara is the English form of Za├»re, the main character and heroine in Voltaire’s revered 1732 play, “The Tragedy of Zara.” Gaining public attention in England after a celebrated birth in 1981, a prominent individual with the name is Princess Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips, member of the British royal family and granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II.

She was named by her uncle, the Prince of Wales. Other famous people with the name Zara include American character actress Zara Frances Cully, renowned 20th century cellist Zara Nelsova, and Swedish singer-songwriter Zara Larsson. The popularity of Zara can also be associated with the contemporary Spanish retail clothing store Zara, which first opened in 1975.

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