The Meaning and History of the Name Zelda

The name Zelda started as a nickname to the name Griselda which is Teutonic or also known as German in origin. Some people also believe that this name comes from an Old English name “Selda” though there is not much certainty of where this unique name really originated from.

The meaning of Zelda is “Female Warrior” or “Dark Battle”. A beautiful unique and daring name for a strong-willed and confident little girl or woman.

Popularity of Zelda

The name Zelda was not in the Top 100 baby girls’ names in England in the most recent statistics taken back in 2015 however the popularity of Zelda is quickly rising since 2015! The name may not be in the top 100 but the name is in the top 1000s and has been for a while now! Zelda has been around since the 1800s however the name did not reach it’s peak until the years of the early 1900s.

Famous People and Things Named Zelda

Princess Zelda from the computer game The Legion of Zelda
Princess Zelda from the computer game The Legion of Zelda
  • Zelda Fitzgerald, an American Socialite, Novelist and Painter.
  • Zelda Nolte, a South African British Sculptor
  • The Legend of Zelda, a Video Game Series
  • Zelda Williams, an American Actress

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