Names J to M

English Girls Names Letters J to M
Discover the beautiful girls names  like Jackie, Jenny, Lily and much more.

Name Description Popularity
Jackie From Jacqueline **
Jacqueline Feminine of Jacques ***
Jade From a gemstone **
Jane Female name for John ****
Janet From the name Jane **
Janette From the name Jane **
Janice Mix between Jan and Frances **
Jasmine From a flower ****
Jay Pet form of Kay or Dee *
Jean From the name Jeanne **
Jeane Form of Jean *
Jennet English spelling of Jeannette ***
Jennifer From the name Guinevere ***
Jenny From the English girl’s name Jennifer ***

Jess Pet form of Jessica ***
Jessica From Shakespeare *****
Jessie Pet form of Jean **
Jewel From the gemstone ***
Jill From Gillian **
Joan From the name Joanna **
Jodie Uncertain origin **
Josephine The analgised version of the French name **
Joy Meaning delight **
Joyce From the name Josce **
Judy From the name Judith *
Juliet English version of the name Juliette **
June From the month of the year **
Justine Female version of the name Justin **
Kaley From the name Kayley *
Kate From the name Katherine **
Katherine From the saint *****
Katie From the name Kate (and therefore Katherine) ****
Katy From Katie **
Kay Short form of Katherine ***
Kayla Variants of Kay ***
Kayley Means slender **
Keeley Origin unknown *
Kelly Origin unknown ***
Kendra From Kendrick *
Kerena From the name Keren *
Kerry From the Irish county **
Kim From the girl’s name Kimberley ***
Kimberley From the place in South Africa ***
Kitty From the name Katherine *
Kyla From Kyle *
Kyle Means narrow channel ***
Kylie Mean boomerang ***
Lacey From the surname ****
Lana Uncertain origin *
Laura From the name Laurus *****
Lauren From the name Laurence ***
Leanne From the names Lee & Anne ***
Lee Clearing **
Lena From names ending in lena or lina like Helena **
Leona From the name Leon ***
Lesley From Leslie **
Lexi From Alexandra ****
Lexy From Alexandra (see Lexi for more information) ***
Libby From the English name Elizabeth **
Lilian Origin unknown **
Lilly From the flower *****
Lily From the flower *****
Linda From the name Belinda ***
Linda Origin unknown ***
Lindsay The name originates from the place Lincoln ***
Lindy From the name Linda **
Linette A variant of the name Linnette **
Liona From the name Leona *
Lisa From the French name Lise ****
Livia From Olivia *
Liz From the name Elizabeth ***
Liza From the name Elizabeth *
Lizzie From the name Elizabeth *
Lola From Dolores ****
Loretta English version of Lauretta *
Lorraine A place name Lorraine in France **
Lottie From the girl’s name Charlotte *
Louise Female version of Louis **
Lucy From the old French name Lucie *****
Lynette From the name Lynn **
Lynn From the girl’s name Linda *
Mabel The name means lovely **
Madeline A biblical name **
Madge From the English name Margaret *
Madonna From biblical name My Lady **
Maggie From the name Margaret **
Maggie Pet form of Margaret ****
Malvina A fictitious name *
Mandy From Amanda ***
Mara A English name with biblical origins *
Marcia Feminine form of Mark *
Margaret From the French name Marguerite ***
Marice English version og Maris *
Marilyn Originates from the name Mary **
Mary English girl’s name from Marie or Maria *****
Maud From the name Matilda *
Maura From St Maura *
Maureen From the Irish name Mairin **
Mavis Means song thrush *
Maxine Feminine version of the name Max ***
May Pet name for Mary and Margaret *
Maya Influenced by May ****
Meg Pet form of Margaret ***
Melanie From Melania (dark haired) ***
Melinda A name derived from Melanie and Lucinda ***
Melissa This name means bee ***
Melody From the melody of a song **
Mercy Compassionate or forgiveness *
Merle Girl’s name from Meriel *
Mildred Means gentle and strong *
Millicent From the words meaning labour and strength *
Millie Pet form of Amelia, Camilla, Melissa ****
Minnie From the name Wilhelmina *
Mirabelle Mean wondrous beauty or love *
Miranda From Shakespeare ***
Misty From the word mist/fog *
Molly Version of the girl’s name Mary ****
Mona From the name Muadhnait meaning noble *
Monica Origin unknown **
Muriel From the Celtic name Muireall **
Myra Created by a poet in 17th century *
Myrtle From the plant *

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