Names N to S

English Girls Names Letters N to S
Discover the beautiful female names including Nell, Olivia, Ruby and much more.

Name Description Popularity
Nadia English version of the name Nadezhda **
Nancy Origin unknown ***
Nell Pet form of Eleanor/Ellen/Helen ***
Nerissa From Shakespeare *
Nessa From Agnessa **
Nicola From the name Nicholas **
Nita Pet form of Anita *
Nora Pet form of names like Eleanor *
Noreen From the Gaelic name Noirin *
Norma Origin unknown **
Octavia Meaning eighth *
Olive From the olive plant **
Olivia From Shakespeare *****
Opal From the gemstone *
Pamela Created by a poet Philip Sidney ***
Pandora From mythology *
Pansy From the flower *
Patience Means virtuous *
Patricia Feminine version of Patrick **
Patsy Pet form of Patricia **

Paula Form of Paul ***
Pearl From the gemstone *
Peggy From Maggie **
Penelope From mythology **
Petra Female version of Peter *
Petula Origin unknown *
Philippa From the name Philip ***
Philomena From a saint *
Phoebe From the moon goddess *****
Phyllis From mythology **
Pippa From the English girl’s name Philippa **
Polly Variant of Molly ***
Poppy From the name of the flower *****
Primrose From the flower *
Prudence From the verb prudent *
Prunella Plum colour *
Queenie Name for the Queen *
Rachel A biblical name *****
Raine Origin unknown *
Reanna From Deanna *
Reenie From the name Rene *
Regina Meaning Queen *
Rhoda This girl’s name means rose *
Rikki Girl’s version of the name Ricky *
Rina A pet name for Christina *
Rita From the name Margarita **
Robin Feminine of Robert ***
Ronnie From Veronica **
Rosalind Means tender horse *
Roseanne Mix between Rose and Ann *
Rose From the flower ***
Rosemary From the herb ***
Rosie Pet form of Rosemary ****
Rowena Origin unknown *
Roxanne From the name Roxana **
Ruby From the red gemstone *****
Sabella From the girl’s name Isabella *
Sabrina From the Celtic legend give name to Severn River ****
Sadie From the name Sarah **
Sally From the name Sarah ***
Samantha Origin unknown ****
Sandra From the name Alessandra ***
Sandy From the name Alexandra **
Sapphire From the gemstone *
Scarlett Name based on the colour red *****
Selena Origin unknown **
Shannah Origin unknown *
Shannon From the river in Ireland ***
Sharon From the place in the bible ****
Sheila From the Gaelic name Sile ***
Shirley From place in England **
Silver From the metal *
Sissy From the name Cicely *
Skye From the English name Sky ***
Sue Pet form of Susan ***
Summer From the season ****
Susan From the name Susanna ****
Sybil From the Sibylla **
Sybil From the Greek name Sibylla **
Sylvia From Silvia **

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