Names D to I

English Girls Names Letters D to I
Discover the beautiful girls names like Daisy, Donna, Ellen and much more.

Name Description Popularity
Daisy The name comes from the flower *****
Darlene From the English word Darling *
Davida Feminine form of David *
Dawn Mean in English – day break **
Deborah Biblical name ***
Dee Pet name of Dorothy *
Deirdre From Celtic legend Deidre of the Sorrows *
Delia From the place Delos **
Dena Possibly from the name Dean *
Diana Roman goddess of the moon and hunting **
Dina English veriant of Dinah *
Dolly Pet form of Dorothy *
Donna From the name Madonna **
Dora From doron meaning a gift *
Doreen From the name Dora **

Doris Of the Sea *
Dorothy From the English girl’s name Dorothea **
Ebony English name from black wood *
Edith From the words for fortune, riches and strife **
Edna English form of Eithne *
Edwina Feminine of Edwin *
Effie Pet form of the name Euphemia *
Elaine A derived from Helen **
Eleanor A derived from Helen ****
Elena Form of Helen **
Elinor Variation of Eleanor *
Eliza Short form of Elizabeth ***
Elizabeth Made popular by Queen Elizabeth I ****
Ella A variant of the name Ellen *****
Ellen Form of Helen ***
Ellie Pet form of Eleanor/Ellen/Helen *****
Elsa Short form of Elizabeth *
Emily Feminine version of the name Aemilius *****
Emma From the names Ermintrude and Irmgard *****
Emmy Pet form of Emma or Emily ***
Enola Origins unknown *
Erin Angliszed name from Eirinn **
Esta Version of Esther *
Estelle Means star *
Ethel Means noble **
Eudora Good Gift *
Eugenia From the name Eugenios *
Eunice Good victory *
Eve A biblical name **
Evelyn Comes from the girl’s name Aveline ***
Evette Form of Yvette *
Evie Pet form of Eve or Eva *****
Evonne English Girl’s name based on Yvonne **
Faith Faith and belief in God ***
Fanny Pet form of Frances *
Fay Half sister of king Arthur **
Faye Half sister of king Arthur *
Felicity Means good luck **
Fern Means fern plant **
Flo Comes from the verb to work *
Flora Goddess of flowers *
Florence From the name Florentius ****
Florrie Pet name for Flora *
Fran Short for Frances *
Frances Female version of Francis *
Freda Short name Winfred or Elfreda *
Gail From Abigail ***
Gale From Abigail **
Gayle From Abigail *
Gaynor From Guinevere **
Georgia Feminine of George ***
Georgiana Feminine of George ***
Geraldine Female form of Gerald *
Germaine From Germanus *
Gertrude From the words ‘gar’ (spear) and ‘prup’ (strength) *
Gill Pet form of Gillian *
Gillian Feminine of Julian **
Gloria From glorious **
Glynis From Glenys *
Grace From the name Gratia *****
Gracie Pet form of the English name Grace ****
Gretta English version of the name Greta *
Guinevere English girl’s name from Gwenhwfar *
Haley Version of Hayley *
Harriet English version of the name Henriette ***
Hattie From Harriet *
Hayley Place in Oxfordshire **
Hazel From the nuts **
Heather From the heather plant **
Helen English version of the Greek name Helene *****
Henrietta Female version of Henri *
Hettie Pet form of Henrietta *
Hilary From the name Hilarius **
Hilda Means to battle *
Hollie Alternative spelling of the name Holly ****
Holly The name comes from the holly bush ***
Honey From honey that bees produce **
Hope From the word meaning hope **
Hyacinth From mythology *
Ida Comes from the verb to work *
Imogen From Shakespeare *****
Iole From mythology *
Irene The name means peace **
Iris This English name means rainbow **
Isabel From the Spanish version of Elizabeth ****
Isabella From Isabel *****
Isabelle From the name Isabel *****
Ivy From the plant Ivy *

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